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Author John E Olsen lives in beautiful northern Utah. He resides on the far north side of Cache Valley in Lewiston with his wife and three kids. He enjoys the outdoors and spending his time with his family.

John was born and raised in Cache Valley. At the age of 8, he began to realize that the home he lived in was peculiar. His parents still own the old farmhouse, built in the mid-1880s. Strange experiences such as phantom knocks, heavy boots running the stairs and missing objects became commonplace for him. With each run-in with what he called the “man in the hat,” John’s interest in the paranormal grew. He was forbidden by his parents from telling anyone of his experiences for fear of what others in the small community would think.

He found solace in learning everything he could about his encounters from library books. As he reached his teen years, his friends would visit his home and have experiences of their own. This opened the door for him to tell others of his experiences. As he shared his extraordinary stories, friends of friends came to him sharing stories of their brush with the supernatural.

Fueled by his own experiences with the unknown, John has spent the last 30 years interviewing and documenting first-hand accounts of those who have witnessed all kinds of strange and unusual phenomena in the western United States. The Stranger Bridgerland series contains firsthand accounts of everything from ghosts, monsters and hauntings, to glitches in the matrix, Sasquatch and UFOs.

John has spoken on many podcasts, Radio shows and Cons. John is available for speaking engagements throughout the year. Please contact him for more info.


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