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Cloud Puncher

Cloud Puncher

By Colt

I have lived my entire life in Montana. I served in the army and worked most of my life as a handyman. I’m nearly 60 now and have had a crazy life.

I’ve seen some crazy things in my life. I’ve seen Bigfoot carry off a road-kill deer, and I’ve seen many things I can’t explain.

One of the strangest things I witnessed happened when I was 15 years old. My dad and I had been hunting deer for a week in the western part of Montana. Hunting was one of the only times my old man and I got along. He worked hard but drank, and he beat my sister and me when he drank.

My dad and I woke early on the last morning we’d be up in the mountains. We hiked to a spot in the dark where we could see a great deal of county. As we sat in the dark, it was apparent there was a lot of fog and clouds that socked into the mountains. It had rained the day before. Dad hoped it would burn off, so we sat quietly.

As the sun rose and it started to warm, the fog lifted, and the clouds began moving off. As I sat watching the hills with dad, a strange sound suddenly hit me. It was a pressure warble sound. It was more like pressure on my eyes and head than just a sound. The “Whap whap whap whap” sound started to get faster and faster. I looked at dad; he looked confused, and I could tell he could feel it too.

After a couple of minutes, the pressure wave got faster, then it turned to a high pitch whistle that rose in pitch until I couldn’t hear it anymore. I could still feel something that was vibrating in the air.

I looked at dad again to ask what it was, and as I did, he pointed to my right. I turned and saw it. It was about the size of a school bus but oval-shaped. It was about 200 yards up the canyon and rising above a ridge. It was an orange metallic color at first, but it turned almost invisible as it grew. Finally, it turned to a glowing rainbow sheen, like looking at a bubble in the sunlight.

The object rose and started down the canyon right in front of us. As it passed us, it seemed to gain speed. It was much harder to see now, all but invisible. As it hit the clouds, it punched a hole through them, and the clouds twisted and folded around the oval object. When it passed the last ridge about a mile away, it disappeared. I don’t know if it shot off or was too far to see anymore.

After a few minutes, I turned to dad, “What the hell was that?” I asked.

Dad shook his head. “I have no idea.”

That was the strangest thing I’ve seen. I believe I saw a UFO that day.

Notes: when I spoke to Colt (not his real name), he was still fascinated about what he had seen all these years later. While interviewing people, I have heard others explain this pressure wave and high-pitched sound. It is often associated with UFOs and some strange creature sightings as well. This is a great story, in my opinion, because of the detail Colt could remember and the feelings he had about his encounter.

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