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Did the US Airforce shoot Down Alien UAPs?

By John Olsen

I have spent 30 years interviewing people about the paranormal and longer still studying it. Included in all of that is UFO or, as they call them now, UAP. In my time, I have interviewed many people with UAP sightings come from around the world. There has been a lot of apprehension and excitement the last week involving the US shooting down 3 UAPs. There has been wild speculation and false info, so I wanted to get you as much information as possible regarding the current situation and what it may mean to us.

On Jan 28, a spy balloon from China entered the US near the Idaho-Canada border. It was monitored and eventually shot down on Feb 4. The shooting heated up conflict between US and China, and relations between US and China have strained over the last few years.

Feb 10, with NORAD on heightened alert, a UAP described as cylindrical in shape, silver gray, and the size of a car was shot down by the US Air Force over Alaska. The object fell into the water near the northern part of Alaska and so far has not been recovered.

Feb 11 US fighters chase a UAP from Alaska into Canadian air space over the Yukon Territory; US fighters, with permission from Canada, shoot down the Second UAP. Canadian armed services are attempting to recover this object, but it is deep in the Yukon wilderness. The US government has said they do not know the origin of the objects and say they are not balloons but will not speculate on the construction.

One US fighter pilot is quoted as saying the object seemed to be able to affect instruments on his fighter.

Feb 12, a UAP that had initially been seen over Montana a few days earlier was shot down over Lake Huron. This object was octagonal in shape.

The US official will not comment on the origin of these UAPs but will also not rule anything out, including being from an alien civilization.

In January, the American Intelligence committee released a UFO document. The document stated that between March 2021 and August 2022, 247 reported sightings of UAPs by Navy and Airforce piloted personnel was reported. To give you an idea of how significant that number is, only 144 reported sightings were reported in the previous 17 years. This is a substantial jump in UAP sightings, all on the heels of the 2020 US Department of defense releasing Navy aircraft chasing UAPs. Some but not all of this can be attributed to the government making pilots feel safer about reporting their sightings.

Over the last 50 years, UFO experts have speculated about the military and UAPs. Many believe the military has crashed objects and has been reverse engineering them since the famous Roswell crash. After my research, I believe those who know work within a black budget and with no oversight from elected officials, including the president of the United States.

It's plain to see a very unusual operation of the Airforce is happening right before our eyes. I'm not ready to call it alien yet, but it wouldn't surprise me. We don't know yet, and I don't believe it is over yet. It would appear this is building up to something. But what. Many in the UFO community have talked of a false flag operation. In which the government would fake an alien invasion to push a black ops agenda.

I believe the most significant fear of those in power is that they will lose some of their control if we are given the information. After all, to fly the UAPs in the way they do, they must have a better power source than we do. They must be much more advanced than we are as well. They may have mastered 0-point energy. The release of 0-point energy would cause a collapse of the oil industry. Imagine powering your home and transportation on free energy. Are those in power alright to give that power up? I would say no. Would they give up their hold on you? Also, a definite no. Everything we eat, wear, buy, or have was built with and transported by fossil fuels, and someone made money from those fuels.

I genuinely hope we are headed toward disclosure. I hope it's in my lifetime. Until then, I keep my eyes on the sky.

If you have a UFO or paranormal story, you want to share; please contact me at

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