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Just Saying Hello

By John

So about 5 years ago, Annie and I were moving houses. We had sold our home in Nibley, Utah, and were moving to Lewiston, Utah. We had one month when we would need to rent. My parents, who still live in the old farmhouse I grew up in, told us we could stay upstairs for the month and save us a little money.

I was happy for the chance to save a little bit. Annie was a bit apprehensive. She had heard all my stories of the ghosts in my parent's home and wasn't sure about it. I told her I'd suggest the ghosts leave her alone. She was nervous but agreed.

We were moving our little bit of clothes upstairs, and I spoke out loud. "Guys, Annie and I are moving up here for a month. Annie is not used to your tricks and pranks; please leave her alone."

We finished moving in, and that was that.

The first 3 weeks went by with absolutely no paranormal problems. About 4 days before we moved into our new home Annie and I were folding clothes and watching tv upstairs when Annie turned to me and said, "This wasn't scary at all; I'm not sure there is a ghost up here anymore."

I stopped folding clothes and looked at her, "Are you saying you don't believe I grew up with a ghost?"

She laughed and said, "No, I'm just saying I haven't seen anything in 3 weeks."

I got a big grin on my face and looked at her. With a louder tone, I said, "if you're saying it's OK if the ghost lets you know he's around, I'm sure he could show you!"

She punched me lightly and laughed.

I laughed but knew she may be in for some trouble the last few days.

The following day I got up at 4am and left for work. Annie woke just a bit as I got dressed, kissed her goodbye, and left. After a bit, Annie fell back asleep. She was awakened by someone slipping into bed, putting their arm around her waist, and beginning to play with her hair. At first, Annie thought it was me, but as the realization that I had left for work hit her, she jumped out of bed and hit the lights. Annie watched an indentation of a body on my side of the bed lifted up as if an unseen figure had just slid out of bed, and a quiet laugh came and faded away.

Annie called me frantic, and I told her it was just the ghost saying hello and he wouldn't hurt her. She got up and started her day.

The ghost had taken an unnatural liking to Annie. For the last few days, anytime Annie got dressed or undressed, she would feel an ice finger poke her in the side or hear an invisible hand slap the wall next to her. Always followed by a quiet laugh.

We finally moved 3 days later, and she never questioned whether the house I grew up in was indeed haunted.

A few years later, my parent's health declined, and for a period of 2 years, we lived there to help take care of them. There have been many more experiences both Annie and I have had. Moving objects, phantom hands, and voices calling us out are just a few fun experiences we have encountered.

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