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Stranger Brigerland Blog

I've been collecting stories for 30 years now. As many of you know, I started at the age of 17 when others began to come to me with their own stories after sharing my stories. I still have stories flooding in some from across the world now. In all my stories, I have not put some into books and may not. As you may know, I only put stories that are first person, meaning I got them from the person they happened to be. I have many great stories that are second-hand or don't make the cut yet. Some stories are from those who went looking for danger and found it. I wanted a place to put these stories so you could share them. So this is my new Blog, "Stranger Bridgerland Blog" my plan is to post 1 or 2 stories a week, a note on a paranormal place, or even back stories on things in the Stranger Bridgerland podcast. I want this to grow, so if you love this Blog, share it! Word of mouth is the best way to advertise my work! I hope to do some great giveaways, so make sure you share!

Big thanks to all those who have bought my books, listened to my podcast, or helped me. In the words of my oldest, "you are the real MVP!"

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