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The Menu (Movie Review)

Being a paranormal author, I often watch horror and paranormal movies. To be honest, I watch a lot of movies in general. My hope is to give the perspective of someone who grew up in a paranormal situation that would make a great movie! I believe my blog might be a great place to review new horror and paranormal movies.

I was able to see "The menu" this last weekend. Many horror movies rely on gimmicks such as jump scares and gore to attack the viewers' senses. "The menu" does non of those things, and yet it exceeds in attacking all of your senses.

The menu" is brilliantly written, directed, and acted. Led by the brilliant Ralph Fiennes, the cast plays their parts perfectly. All of the actors in this film embody aspects of what's wrong with our world. The movie weaves a story of the fake life we try to lead both on social media and in life.

One of the movie's best parts is the idea that the film has an extraordinary meta-commentary without needing to hold the hand of the audience. The Menu is not written out for all to see but paints a picture of life and the struggle to make meaning out of the meaningless in life. The Menu holds a mirror up to the fake face some were to build themself up. The movie shows you how success can be the destruction of joy.

This dark horror movie has a deep meaning that will not be for everyone. But for me a masterpiece.


John Olsen


Stranger Bridgerland book series

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