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Troll (Netflix movie) Review

Troll (Netflix)

A review By John Olsen

I love movies based on folklore, and I love campy moves, and Troll hits hard on both accounts.

Troll is out on Netflix, and I was very excited to watch it after seeing the trailer.

The overview without spoilers: A mining crew in Norway digging deep in a mine disturbed a monster from Norway's long-lost past. Now, as this enormous Troll crashes his way through the countryside, the military, with the help of "Nora," a paleontologist and folklore expert, tries to stop this monster.

I usefully have a hard time with dubbed movies. Troll does an excellent job of not taking from the story with its lip sink. The lips being out of sink takes me out of the story. The acting is not bad, and the CGI is on par with theatrical movies.

This movie was filmed in Norway and directed and co-written by Roar Uthaug. Roar (what an excellent name for a director) is best known for his films "Wave" and the reboot of "Tomb Raider." The directing in this film is very good. The writing is ok, but this isn't a thought-provoking film; it's a monster film.

The cast is led by Ine Marie Wilmann as Nora Tidemann; Marie does a great job of keeping the story going and helping you understand the back story connected to her father. The rest of the cast does a great job in their limited roles. It has many character tropes, but they are done well and don't pull from the true star of the film, the Troll.

I liked how scenes throughout this movie pay homage to classic monster movies, including Jurassic Park, King Kong, Independence Day, and others.

I must warn you, don't come into the movie expecting a movie masterpiece. This movie is the epidemy of what I call a "Popcorn Movie."

My description of a "Popcorn Movie" is a movie that you grab your popcorn, turn off your brain and watch for the sheer fun of it. And Troll does this so well.

I give this movie an 8/10, and a Popcorn movie must-watch for anyone looking for a classic campy monster movie. Sit back and enjoy

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