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Who was that?

Who was that?

By Noah

About 12 years ago, I was going to University in Birmingham, UK. It was my second year, and I lived off-campus in a rented flat with my mate. My mate Andrew and I had been friends since we met my first week at university. It wasn't long before we found a place where we could be off campus. We both supported Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolfs); finding another wolf at Birmingham at the time was rare.

Andrew and I spent a lot of time together, and he became like family. If I had a sweetheart, he had to approve and likewise for him.

It was coming up on Christmas break, and I had planned a trip to meet my parents in Spain. My parents had left a few days early, and I planned to leave a few days after my last class.

I was in the flat cleaning the place when a knock came at the door. I walked over and found Andrew at the door. Confused, I asked, "why'd you knock? Don't you have class?"

Andrew walked in and said, "I'm on the knock, and I've lost my key." (Meaning he skipped class). He came in and sat at the table. I went back to cleaning; however, I had a strange feeling all over, like goosebumps. After a minute, I turned to Andrew, who was sitting at the table looking sickly and out of breath.

"You okay, mate?" I asked,

After a long silence, he looked at me and said, "you can't skip off to Spain."

I looked at him, "why not? You okay?"

Angrily he shouted, "I'm fine man; I just need you to stay home, okay?"

I could tell he was serious, and his tone sounded angry.

I told him he'd be okay and that I would only be gone for a week, but he slammed his hand down hard on the table and told me again that I shouldn't go.

I was feeling scared and weird all over. There was a feeling of irritation in the house. I told Andrew I had to use the toilet and walked back to the Loo. I splashed some face and looked in the mirror, wondering what was wrong with Andrew. Just then, I heard the door shut, and I walked out. Andrew was gone, and I relaxed. He had never been like that before, and it was scary. I went back to cleaning, then sat and watched a show.

About two hours later, Andrew used his key and entered the front door. I was a little bit pissed off at him for being so weird.

"I see you found your keys?" I said without looking at him. He stopped and looked at me. "What's that?" he replied.

"Your Keys. You found them." I said in s short tone. Confused, he looked at me.

"what are you on about." He replied.

I rolled my eyes. "earlier, you came home and yelled at me. You said you lost your keys when you were bunking off."

Andrew sat across from me and explained he hadn't been home since leaving for class that morning. I was highly pissed off now and explained what had happened. He could tell I was serious. He told me to call Lizzy, his friend from his last class; he had been with her all afternoon.

My blood ran cold as I called Liz, and she said Andrew had not left her side all day at Uni.

I told Andrew what had happened, and he refused to believe me. After a bit, he could see I was shaken up.

The next few days were hell on my nerves. I was planning on leaving for Spain, but every time I thought about it, I got a knot in my stomach. Something or someone had taken the form of my best friend and wanted me to not go on that trip. At the last minute, I canceled my trip.

I sat for my holiday watching the news, expecting to see the plane I would take go down or a train derail, but nothing happened. It took a good month before I felt normal again. It's been 12 years, and I am still shaken when I think of this event. My two biggest fears are that the thing will return, and I will never know who or what it was. Who or what was that who came to my house? Who was that who looked like Andrew?

Author Notes: Noah contacted me after reading one of my books. I was excited because this was one of the first stories I had collected outside North America. Though I have had some more since from around the world, this was my first.

I was able to help Noah understand this happens to people all over the United States as well but not always this long of a conversation. Some things or spirits can mimic friends, family, and loved ones. Whether for nefarious reasons or for warnings. Either way, I let Noah know he isn't alone.

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